12 Things to Consider of Before Getting A Bridge Piercing

12 Things to Consider of Before Getting A Bridge Piercing

Bridge piercing is more and more popular now, many people want a piercing like this, to be more fashion, charming. But also, many people don't know bridge piercing clearly, and want to know more about this.

Here we collect the most asked questions and considers about nose bridge piercings.

What is Bridge Piercing?

The bridge, erl, or mid-brow piercing.
The bridge piercing gets its nickname for body art devotee Erl Van Aken, a Gauntlet customer who is believed to be the first to wear one. It is a horizontal piercing between the eyes through the glabella (tissue between the brows above the nose) or on the nasion (between the eyes). It ranges from as high as the top of the brows to the bridge of the nose. Multiples are rare but sometimes possible.

The Bridge Piercing Healing Time 

About the bridge piercing healing, it usually takes about 3 to 6 months to be healed, this is pinch through the tissue, so the healing progress is not too long. Also, please pay attention to the daily aftercare to get a quickly healed up. The bad aftercare can not only prolong the healing progress but also harm your body. 

What Jewelry for Bridge Piercing?

bridge piercing jewelry

Initial jewelry style: Straight or curved barbell
Material: The bridge piercing jewelry can be F 136 titanium or 316 L surgical steel. These two materials are all hypoallergenic, the titanium is more friendly to skin, can be used for the initial piercing, and can help with would healing. The 316 L surgical steel also can be used on the piercing, but if you are the sensitive skin, then someone may be infected.
The internally threaded or external threaded: For the initial piercing, it is better to use the internally threaded, which the threads are inside the barbell, won't harm the piercing when go through. The externally threaded nose bridge piercing jewelry can be used when the piercing wound is totally healed. For the first piercing jewelry, we recommend internally threaded or threadless bridge jewelry.

The Bridge Piercing Harm/Risk

Even if the jewelry is in your field of vision, it won't make you go cross-eyed. But, there are other dangers, including a fairly high rate of bridge piercing rejection and scarring. Far more serious, however, is the effect of insufficient padding between your jewelry and the structures beneath. Direct pressure can cause diminished blood supply to the bone. This may lead to bone density loss and, in a worst-case scenario, bone necrosis(death). If you don't have plenty of pliable tissue, a bridge piercing is not advisable.

Who can Get a Bridge Piercing?

How to know if you can get a bridge piercing, there is no special requests to the ones who can get a piercing. this depends on your anatomy, go to the piercing studio, the piercers will check your anatomy and decide whether you can get a bridge piercing or not. 

The Cost of Bridge Piercing 

The common bridge piercing price is between $30 to $55, this various depends on the skill and experience of the piercer, the studio location, the jewelry you choose for your initial piercing, and the main factor is the skill and experience of the piercers.

The skilled piercer can do the bridge piercing more quickly and more comfortable, and can speed up the bridge piercing healing progress.

Is Bridge Piercing Painful?

For a piercing, the pain is surely, but because everyone has a different feeling to pain, so someone may feel the bridge piercing pain is acceptable, but the others will find it too painful to get it. As the bridge piercing is go through the tissue, not the cartilage, so it is not too much painful. The painful level is similar to most labrets and most surface piercing, is some painful than earlobe, eyebrow piercing, but less painful than ear cartilage piercing, nostril piercing.
If you have had a earlobe piercing or cartilage piercing, then you will get a comparable feeling.

The Bridge Piercing Process

Does bridge piercing go through bone? When do the bridge piercing, the piercer will first to make sure your anatomy is suitable for the piercing, then will choose the right jewelry for you. Then you will experience the piercing process, the needle will go through the tissue quickly, some painful, but it is acceptable.
Below is the video I find for you.

 How to Take Aftercare of Bridge Piercing?

Don't play with your new jewelry.
Don’t let pets sleep in your bed unless the piercing is well protected;
Don't allow personal care products such as sprays and lotions to get into your piercing.
Properly wash your hands before touching your jewelry and the surrounding area
Change your bedding and towels at least once a week;
Get plenty of rest
Eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods, including complex carbohydrates, plenty of protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables plus healthy fats such as nuts
Avoid emotional stress. Stress can increase healing times by 40 percent
One of the best things you can do for all healing or irritated piercings is a saline soak.  

Bridge Piercing Side Effects

The side effects of bridge piercing is the same like other piercings, like the infection, the allergenic reaction and the rejection. These side effects can be avoid if you do the aftercare tips carefully. And even these side effects happened, don't be worry, kept washing your piercings with the saline water.

How to Change Bridge Jewelry?

Quality bridge piercing jewelry can be worn indefinitely. If you like what you're wearing, there is no need to change it. Most people don't have the requisite know-how to safely insert new jewelry into a healed piercing at home.
Once you're healed, however, it should be safe to replace your jewelry when all of the following conditions are met:
a)Your piercing is no longer secreting and getting crusty;

b)It it not tender;

c)The minimum healing time has passed.
Many people prefer to have a professional change their jewelry, especially the first time. Depending on placement and whether you can see and access your piercing, you may be able to perform the job yourself. Studios ordinarily offer free jewelry insertion or charge a nominal fee when you purchase something new.

Bridge Piercing with Glasses

For those who wear glasses, will ask for whether I can get a bridge piercing with glasses on? Actually, the glasses will surely interfere with the piercing jewelry, but there is also methods to avoid this.
Firstly, you can wear the glasses lower than the normal height, this can keep distance with the horizontal bridge piercing jewelry. Like the picture below.

The other is that, you can choose the glasses has curved glass beam, this can also not touch the bridge piercing jewelry. Like the picture below.

The conclusion

Welcome your bridge piercing experience comments with us here.

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