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    WE'RE OUFER.  
    We're a group of highly specialized jewelry experts who have been crafting, designing and creating jewelry for Piercing lovers all over the world since 2012. We’re located in the CITY OF INDUSTRY California. All our products are 316L and are lead free, equally void of irritation, making our jewelry the most suitable for your bodies. Our piercings are made in almost all the corners of the world, due to the lack of some very important raw materials here in the US, they’re made in Europe, and South East Asia mainly. Our main Goal is to provide Body jewelry lovers around the world with high quality and Unique Piercings. Body jewelry has become a life for us, take a minute to learn a bit more about us here.

    It takes a lot for someone to want to go and have someone put a needle through their cartilage, belly button or lip but the gorgeous jewelry pieces that are the end result of this pain is exactly why we do it. We wear our body jewelry like a badge of honor, yes this hurt like hell but I swear it's worth it.

    What sets OUFER apart from your run of the mill jewelry brands is that we don't compromise when it comes to quality, we use 14KT gold, G23 titanium and implant grade 316L surgical stainless steel when crafting our jewelry (the highest possible grade for implant jewelry), and we meticulously disinfect and inspect all our pieces after design. This process is tedious and expensive for us, but this is the standard we set for ourselves to deliver the best products possible to you.
    We currently count over 300+ pieces of handcrafted jewelry. Each one of which pieces are hand crafted by our staff here in Los Angeles, south east Asia mainly Thailand, China and Europe. Keeping designs this close to is important for us. We are 100% cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and our inspection team makes sure all our factories are in good condition and are using the safe material for our jewelry.