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16G Bee Daith Earring Hinged Segment Septum Ring
Anyel Valeria Sanabria Hernández
16G Bee Daith Earring Hinged Segment Septum Ring

Beautiful piece!

so cute

It was really high quality


Not 16g…and the clasp can open if you blow on it it’s so cheap

16G Glow in the Night Dangle Bat Hinged Segment Septum Ring

Pretty and dainty

14K Rose Gold 16G CZ Septum Ring Daith Jewelry

Utterly beautiful

I love this spiral barbell so much, it's utterly beautiful and interesting. It took sometime to get used to sleeping while it was in the ear but overall it's very comfortable. Recommend it to everyone who likes interesting designs and colours in ear rings.

Already broke

Unfortunately after only a month a chunk of the opal already fell out with a string of glue, seems to be a common problem among companies with these hoops vs ones with gems on it though.

Cute and comfy

I've purchased Oufer in the past and this seems a bit more comfy and better quality. I purchased several designs and the simple coffin is my fav at the moment.

Exactly what I expected :)

These are perfect little cheaper hoops to kind of play with and get ideas for possibly trading them in for better quality at some point. I got these to see how I would look with a nose ring, before spending the money on real gold etc. they are only $10 for a reason, so don't expect too much from these - but for what I paid and what I got, they are super cute, dainty and are completely as described. Plus, shipping was quick and they were packaged very nicely!

20G Bezel Set Clear CZ Moon Dangle Seamless Nostril Hoop

14G Titanium Internally Threaded Dangle CZ Gems Belly Button Ring

Lovely 16G Clear CZ Hinged Segment Daith Septum Ring

Very nice piece of jewelry for my septum, my only regret is that I should have bought it in 10mm. It pinches just a bit

Heart Daith Earrings

I love them, they are so cute, I just wished I had ordered the 10mm instead of the 8mm but nonetheless they are cute

14g belly hoop

I love it, it looks so beautiful on both my navel and conch piercings


I love the design on this septum ring, so I bought it straight away. Unfortunately I ordered a smaller diameter than what I needed, so I couldn't wear it comfortably. But the staff at Oufer were so kind and helpful in resolving this mishap for me, I now have another one coming in the correct size. Can't wait to be able to finally wear it


Absolutely love this piece oh Halloween jewellery I ordered. I initially ordered it in the wrong size, but the staff at Oufer were so helpful in resolving this problem. I can't wait for the new piece to come so I can finally wear it


Really cute! Perfect for a bat lover. It's comfortable to wear.

Super cute!

Really cute and comfortable to wear! Love it.

Amazing products

My expectations were exceeded! I will continue to be a customer! Thank you for the products you provide!

Love my nose hoop

Great quality. Fits perfectly cute. Thank You!

This set is so cute, I can't wait to wear them!

16G Skull Moth Hinged Segment Septum Ring
Anyel Valeria Sanabria Hernández
16G Skull Moth Hinged Segment Septum Ring

Every detail of this piece is beautiful, super delicate and of excellent quality.

Septum Ring

I love my septum ring! The original size I bought was too small and Oufer kindly sent the bigger size for free. Thanks!

16G Rose Leaves Skull Head Red Gem Dangle Septum Ring Daith Earring?

It’s really good quality, I would 100% recommend buying from OUFER BODY JEWELRY