About Ear Piercings

About Ear Piercings

Collectively, ear piercings are more popular than any other group of body piercings. Earlobe piercings stand out as the #1 most popular type of piercing among men and women alike, with 83% of the U.S. population having pierced ears. 13% of women have at least one other ear piercing in addition to earlobe piercings, and 17% of men have another part of one or both ears pierced. Some people choose to get a combination of one or two types of ear piercings, and others combine multiple earlobe piercings and cartilage piercings in an ear project.

Since ear piercings of all varieties are so popular, people have a lot of questions about them. What parts of the ear can be pierced? What are the different types of ear piercings called? Where can you find cool earrings for your ear piercings? Please see below.

What parts of the ear can be pierced?

Nearly any part of the ear can be pierced. Here are the main areas of the ear where you usually see ear piercings:

Earlobe – Traditionally, a single hole is placed in the earlobe (or lobule), although many people have 2, 3 or more lobe piercings in a row.

Helix – This is the upper rim of the ear cartilage, where people may get 1 or more helix piercings side-by-side. The Helix spans from the outer-upper curve of the ear all the way to where it connects with the head (which is where a forward helix piercing would be placed).

Auricle – The Auricular Tubercle is the rim of the ear in between the helix and the earlobe. This is where you’d wear an ear cuff or have one or more cartilage piercings.

Antihelix – This ridge of cartilage is alongside the Auricle.

Antitragus – This is the peak of cartilage directly above the earlobe.

Tragus – This is the lower rim of cartilage where your ear connects to your head.

Concha – The Concha, or simply Conch, is the scooped area of central ear cartilage (see diagram).

Crus of Helix – This is the little ridge of cartilage directly above the Tragus where a daith piercing is placed.

Crura of Antihelix – This is the ridge of cartilage directly above the Crus of Helix where a rook piercing would be placed.

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It is interesting that 83% of the U.S. population has pierced ears. On top of that, 13% of women have another ear-piercing besides the ear lobes. I was surprised to see that 17% of men have another part of one or both ears pierced, as well. The fact that my daughter wants to pierce her ears certainly puts her into the majority. She is very excited about it, and she is ready to visit an ear-piercing jewelry store as soon as possible. https://adnohr.com.au/ear-works

Vivian Black

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