Halloween Body Piercing Jewelry:Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Body Piercing Jewelry:Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming .Are you ready for Halloween Costumes ? Some halloween body piercing Jewelry can add more colors to your halloween costumes .Here are some of our favorite costume ideas and the body jewelry to match.

So let’s have a look at some of the featured products in more details!


 Steel Bat Heart Rings

Who doesn’t love a little heart ring for your rook, daith, helix, conch and other ear piercings (hey, you put it wherever you fancy!)  

These are even better with it's red crimson.  Available in Burning Steel, black or classic mirror polish surgical steel designs. The red crimson designs are created using a red Cubic Zirconia .  

To open, carefully push one end back and the other forward.  Best not to pull it apart from side to side (like opening a bag of crisps) as it could put it out of shape!


Steel Black Spider with spiderWeb Nipple rings

The black shield spider nipple rings are the perfect Halloween accessory. This spider nipple ring is available in 1.6 mm gauge.we also have a U shield spider nipple ring in the same size .Now all you need to do is decide is which one you need.



Steel Septum Clicker Jewelled skull hano septum nose piercing is a big thing right now and this skull hand septum ring is ideal for Halloween! Available in both 1.2mm and 1.6mm gauges. If you’re wondering why it’s called a septum clicker, that’s because the bar has a hinge on one side and closes securely with a click, now you know!

Pumpkin With Witch Hat Industrial Barbell
It’s a pumpkin, but not just any pumpkin, it’s a Halloween pumpkin with witch hat industrial barbell! It’s 1.6 mm gauge and 38 mm long and perfect for your scaffold ear piercing!  Did I mention that we also have a witch hat Cartilage barbell, available in 1.6 mm gauge x 8 mm length, ooooh yeeees!

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Black Steel Captive Bead with Gothic Bat Dangle
Who doesn’t love a little BCR for your rook, daith, helix, rim, conch,septum ,belly button and other ear piercings (hey, you put it wherever you fancy!).So cute !This tiny little Gothic bat dangle BCR is a perfect Halloween accessory which has three different gauges for you to choose.


Jewelled Spider Web, Skull, Skull-Hand Belly Rings
You’ve got to love a spider,skull or a skull-hand  for Halloween!  These special belly button rings are your perfect choice.These surgical steel navel bar is 1.6mm gauge x 10mm length.The only thing you need to do is to decide which one you love best ,or you can take all of them back .



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