How to fake piercings ?

How to fake piercings ?

Do you love piercings? Piercings are one of my favourite things in the world, and I’ve tried quite some on me. Unfortunately my body doesn’t really like them, so only a tongue and ear holes survived the battle. I was thinking about getting a new piercing when all the issues with my previous ones came to my mind. Who wants to deal with infections, long healing process and whatnot? I certainly don’t need it at the moment. (don’t get scared, it might not happen to you.)  But if you are vulnerable to this stuff, hear this out!

There is a solution for most piercings: non-pierced piercings! I know that piercings lovers will arise, or just close this page already. But a “fake” piercing is a great idea when you need that spark on your face and you don’t want to commit to a real piercing.

Most fake-able piercings


You either could use a ring or a adhesive jewel with this one. Well the adhesive jewel could look fake if you look very close, otherwise it will just look like any other L-shape nose rings or stud.


There are many options, and it’s the easiest one to fake! You can put fake rings on it, fake cartilage multiple rings, clip-on earrings and such. I have a great experience with those because I often have to deal with people no having holes in their ears and the necessity to put earrings on them. Ah, the perks of dressing people up.

A nice place to find this kind of non pierced earring is there’s a lot, and you can also find those nice multi rings cartilage earrings that I adore!


I don’t know if you have ever tried this but I did. True. I’ve never liked this piercing but I felt the need of having one just a couple of weeks ago, so i tried a ring on and noticed it looked really good! That’s when I had the whole “fake piercing” idea. If you can fake a septum, you can fake anything! ;D  Here another take at this fake fake piercing! See? You can’t tell it’s not real! Though I might go for it now, I like it too much haha!

In the picture above, the real piercing I used to fake the septum. Just tighten them up with pliers and you’re done. That’s what I did. Just don’t go too far or you might end up with a real hole!

That said, get a real piercing by all means! I love piercings, and if it wasn’t for my body not wanting them I’d have much more. The fact that my skin regenerates very fast is both positive and negative. I do not get scars for any of my old piercings, but my skin tends to reject them. So give it a try anyway: if you follow all of the rules and keep it clean everything is going to be all right!


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