How to Put in a Nose Ring Safely

How to Put in a Nose Ring Safely

A nose ring is known to look incredibly flattering. It is a great accessory that can completely change your look, and its countless variations add to its beauty. A  nose ring boosts both your personality and your outfit in an instant. However, you may not exactly know how to put one in. It seems understandable since you may be used to generic nose jewelry or have decided to get a new piercing. If you are on the hunt for the right way to put in nose jewelry, you’ve landed in the right place. Keep reading to learn how to put in every kind of nose ring or nose stud imaginable. 


How to put in a hoop nose ring?

The most common type of nose jewelry is a hoop nose ring. It is pretty simple to put one in, but it depends on the style of nose hoop ring that you want. Here are some standard nose hoop rings and how to put them in:
Before any action, the first thing you should do is to cleaning your hands and sanitizing the jewelry.
●Captive nose rings:
Captive nose rings or ball closure rings have a little ball on them that is secured with tension. To put it on, you need to slightly spread the ring to get the bead to come off. Then, insert it into your piercing and rotate the ring till the exterior is aligned to where the bead should be. Now, apply a little pressure to snap the ball back in place and secure the nose ring.
●Segment nose ring:
These rings consist of a curved piece that you can remove to snap the nose ring in place. The first step is to remove this piece. After this, insert the ring into your piercing and twist it, so the opening faces outwards. Slip the removable part on one side, then lower it to force the other side in place too.
●Nose seamless hoops:
A nose hoop is probably the easiest to put on out of the bunch. When open it, please note to screw the ring end up and down (vertical), no right and left (horizontal). Simply glide the end that isn't beaded end through the hole from the inside. Rotate it once it is entirely in and you're all done.
●Clicker rings:
The clicker ring is known to be pretty fancy. It has a hinged segment that can easily open and close. You will first need to open the ring to produce the hole. Then, you will have to insert it slowly, making sure that the hinged part is outside your nostril. Once it is in place, snap the ring and make sure you hear the clicking sound. This ensures that the ring is in its proper place.

nose hoop ring

How to put in a corkscrew nose ring?

Another trendy nose ring is the corkscrew nose ring. Just like the name suggests, it shaped sort of like a hook. The traditional nose ring can get pretty dull, but this can really spice it up, and the shape will allow it to stay right in place at all times. The only downfall is figuring out how to put it in. However, there is nothing to worry about. To make things easier, we have come up with a step-by-step tutorial so that you know exactly what to do.
1. Make sure your corkscrew ring is well sanitized, even if it is new.
2. Wash your hands well before touching your piercing at all.
3. Remove your old nose piercing if you had one on.
4. Place one of your fingers inside your nose while you take the tip of the corkscrew nos ring to your nose. This will act as a guide, so you know exactly where your jewelry is and how deep you are taking it. It is crucial to do this to prevent any injuries.
5. Slowly twist your corkscrew nose ring to bring it further into place in a clockwise motion.
6. Once a fair amount is in, you can remove your finger.
7. Twist the remaining portion in with the same motion.
With this simple method, you can easily put in your corkscrew nose piercing without any trouble at all. You can follow the same process only backward when you are ready to remove it. All you have to do is twist it out slowly in an anticlockwise motion until it is completely out.


How to put in a bone nose stud?

A nose stud is the most common type of nose jewelry out there. In fact, when you first get a piercing, you are often suggested to use a nose stud. The design is pretty simple. It is a long piece of metal, followed by some sort of embellishment at the end. Here is how to put one on:
1. You first have to sanitize. This includes your jewelry and piercing too. It is best to keep an alcohol pad handy while doing this.
2. Remove the post that it came with. The post is the piece of plastic or metal that keeps your nose stud in place.
3. Insert the pin into your piercing from the outside until the embellishment stops it.
4. Slightly press down on the embellishment so that the longer part of the stud tilts down.
5. Slip the post back on and let go. Make sure it is not too tight, or it will hurt you. However, if it is too loose, it may fall out or expose the elongated metal behind it. Make sure it is placed just right.
Removing it is pretty simple too. Just remove the post the same way you got it on and slide the nose stud out. It is best to keep the post on the nose stud so that you don’t lose it.

nose stud

How to put in an l shaped nose ring?

An l shaped nose ring is pretty fascinating. Many people call it a faux nose ring even though it requires a piercing. This is probably because it has a unique way of insertion, even though it looks exactly like a nose piercing. However, they can be a bit confusing to put on. Here is how to do it:
1. Sanitation is key. Make sure everything is clean and free of germs that could cause infections.
2. The metal part that is supposed to be placed into the nose is l shaped. So, you need to make sure it is straight as you push it into your piercing.
3. Place a finger in your nose to act as a guide. Slowly, insert the part before the bend until you reach the other half.
4. Now you need to tilt the nose ring to the other bend that can go straight into your piercing. Use your finger to make sure that the previous part is now bent downwards. This will also act as a guard to prevent your nose ring from falling out.
5. Once the metal part is wholly inserted, adjust it until it looks like a regular nose ring. It will now stay in place with ease.
These nose rings may be sturdy, but they aren’t too difficult to take off. You just need to take it slow and be careful. This is crucial so that you don’t end up poking yourself or ending up with an uncomfortable nose ring.


How to put in a horseshoe septum ring?

When people first get a septum piercing, they often opt for a horseshoe septum ring. This is because it is easy to put on and take off. However, the absolute steal is how it can easily be flipped and hidden depending on what you feel like wearing, even if the piercing hasn't healed. If you are thinking of switching to one, here is how to put one on:
1. As always, never forget to make sure everything is clean.
2. You can take off either one or both of the ends. These are mostly little balls but can vary. Take one or both off, depending on your preference.
3. Slowly glide one end of the septum ring through your piercing. Keep pushing it lightly until it is visible from the other end.
4. Place the ball back on the horseshoe septum. If you took both of them off, put them back during this step.
5. Now, adjust your horseshoe septum ring as needed so that it looks equal on both ends.
Horseshoe septum rings come in all shapes and sizes, but they are always put on in the same way. This is probably why they are favored the most. Moreover, they can be taken out with ease in pretty much the same process.

horseshoe septum ring


Putting on nose rings may seem a bit intimidating at first. However, you can easily get the hang of it over time. All you really have to do is keep track of what you’re doing, and you will improve with time. Now, we’re sure that you know how to put on many different kinds of nose jewelry. So, if you have been thinking of getting yourself a nose piercing, now is a great time. If you want to swap out a boring piece for something brand-new and wonderful, you know exactly what to do. Give it some time and effort, and you’ll do it wonderfully in no time!

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