How to reduce your piercing pain

How to reduce your piercing pain

Are you envious of others having multiple piercing sites, are you still afraid of piercing pain? Everyone's pain feels different, they may tell you that it is easy, it will pass quickly, and someone may tell you that this is a terrible experience, a painful piercing.

Let me tell you some practical ways to reduce the pain of your piercing, and then you can get the piercing you need.

1. Desensitize The Piercing Area

An ancient method, you should communicate with your piercer before you try, they will give you the right advice.

You may remember the footage in this movie. Lindsay Lohan punctures her twin sisters in the movie. First, they use ice cubes to chill their ears and make their ears numb, so that the pain will be reduced when piercing.

This is a previous method, but everyone is different, we have to communicate with the piercer.

2. Choose a good piercer

Many times, your pain depends on whether you find a good piercer, Experienced piercers, they can perforate faster and better, reducing your pain. You need to find a qualified, reliable piercer, It is best to have a good exchange.So the piercing process will be a pleasure for you, and he will tell you a lot of good post-maintenance methods.

3. Distract your attention

Before piercing, you can consider some other things and distract your attention, such as what you are going to do next, and what arrangements are there this week. Don't worry about fear all the time, and the tightness of the muscles is not good for your piercing. When you finish the piercing, you might say, "It's not that hard." The piercing process can be an instant, and you will find it is not as bad as you think.

4. The best way: gift reward

As long as you complete the piercing, you can have a new piercing site. When your piercing is completely healed, you can wear a variety of body jewelry you like, not only to make you happy, but also to attract more attention.Especially elegant and beautiful piercing.

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