How to Treat Infection Symptoms of Lip Piercing

How to Treat Infection Symptoms of Lip Piercing


Lip piercing is common body piercing type, popular between the piercing lovers.

However, because of the position of the lip piercings is special, it often touched with saliva, food, cosmetics and other things, so it is easily causing pain, allergic, especially the healing stage of perforation.


What are the Symptoms of Infection?


Once your lip piercing is infected, it will give you some early warnings, usually the infection symptoms contain:

  • Redness.the lip especially the piercing hole become red.
  • Minor Swelling, when this happen, you will feel that your lip may occasional throbbing, not control by you.
  • Bump at the front or back of the piercing, it is a little serious.
  • Persistent Warmth, because of the white cell is doing its function to battle the bactoria, caused the blood to speed up, so feel warm.
  • Clear or White Discharge, as the infection become more serious, some tissue fluid exudes from the body.
  • Worsening Pain, allert you that you should pay more attention to the wound.
      • Excessive Bleeding, go to the doctor right now! 
      • Pus, to get some cure.
      • Fever, go to the doctor to get some medicine.

      What can you do when you find an infection?


      As we mentioned, the infection can be more serious if do not got a good care, and the symptom is not only pain but also influence our life, so we should take some steps between the infection become serious.

      Below are the tips for you.


      1. Don't Play With or Remove the Jewelry


      Twisting or touching jewelry can increase swelling and irritation. It also introduces new bacteria into the perforations.

      In most cases, considering that touch the piercing jewelry with hand is completely forbidden.

      The only time you should touch it is during the cleaning period.

      It may also be tempting to take out the jewels, but in reality this may do more harm than good.

      Not only does it cause further irritation, but removing the jewelry may allow the updated perforations to close. This captures the bacteria and spreads the infection out of the piercing site.


      2. Make Sure You Keep Your Mouth Clean


      For lip piercings, you must not only clean the piercings.

      You must also keep your mouth clean. This helps prevent bacteria in the mouth from spreading into the piercings.

      Brush your teeth with gentle toothbrush and avoid touching the piercing parts.


      3. Clean the Area with Sea Salt Warm Water


      If you have signs of infection, regular cleaning is the best way to remove bacteria and prevent further irritation.

      You should wash it two or three times a day with saline or salt solution.

      Put some salt into the cup and mix the warm water, gently flush the piercing hole and your whole mouth.


      4. Give Warm Compress to the Piercing Parts


      If the infection parts is the outside of the lip, you can do some warm compress to minimize irritation, reduce swelling and reduce pain.

      You can use the towel, put the towel into the hot water(not too hot, try before compress).


      5. Do some Absorb Ice or Apply Cold Operation


      Cold compresses can slow the blood speed, help reduce wound pain and swelling.

      This method can be used when the infection occured on the inside of the lips or cheeks.

      6. Pay Attention to What You Eat and Drink until It Is completely Healed


      Please avoid the tough, pungent foods.

      What you eat is important, especially when you have a wound - in this case, an infected puncture - in your mouth.

      As your lips piercings, focus on the food that is soft and unlikely to be caught by your jewelry. This includes mashed potatoes, yoghurt and oatmeal.

      Any chewy thing requires extra salt rinse after eating. At this point the water should be the drink of your choice.

      Peppers, paprika and other spices can cause additional pain and irritation.

      Coffee may also have a blood thinning effect. If you do not want to temporarily interrupt, reduce your regular intake until the infection is cleared.


      7. Avoid Consuming Alcohol and Smoking Cigarettes


      Alcohol acts as a blood thinner and can also destroy skin cells around the piercings. This may prolong your recovery time and increase the risk of complications.


      8. Take some Medicine or Get more Therapy from the Doctor


      The last 7 tips are home treatment methods for you, once the infection spread. please go to the doctor for help immediatly.


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