Nine Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Body Piercing

Nine Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Body Piercing

 Halloween is coming, are you ready for your clothes? Have you thought about your makeup?
When you get ready for makeup, especially when you have piercings on your face, what should you do with this jewelry?
If you don’t have an idea yet, you can come here and see what good simple, and feasible ideas OUFER has prepared for you.

halloween makeup

This type is one dark style make up, with the black lip, black eyebrow, and dark-red eye shadow, the weird witch is before you, if you want more, can add the black necklace, the black horseshoe septum ring, and the black cloak, or the black hoodie, as you see, the makeup is easy and can be better used your septum piercing as well.

This makeup is giving you a darker look and this tear drop down your eyes makes your look deeper and sorrow one. To have this look, it is not hard, the main work is for the eyes, use the red and purple eyeshadow, some gold color to decorate. And the dark-red lip.

To better show the makeup, the eyebrow ring is put off, only wear the nose stud and upper lip stud, that not broke the whole style but add some naughty to the makeup. Also, this makeup also needs some cross earring hoop and some rings and chains.

How sad a look, the twisted black eyebrow, the black tears and black lip, especially the lower lip is fuzzy, though there is some pink blush, the whole look is sad, make me want to cry. The girls cleverly change the nose ring to a silver color, so that it can be well hidden. It is difficult to find the nose ring unless you check it yourself.  The lip stud is like the center point of the lip.

Bold and unrestrained styling, dyeing the hair in blue, matching the eye tails of the same color, use a bright orange-red on corner and center eye, and flaming red lips. The styling is very fashionable. In order to be shinier, the eyes are decorated with sequins and wear a chain necklace. In this dress, the nose ring is the basic stainless steel to highlight the eyes.

What a fascinating eye, it seems that if I look at it more, my soul will getaway. The black and gold moon on the forehead with some religious colors, adds a more mysterious feeling to the whole look. Using the golden retro-style septum ring, the shape echoes the moon on the forehead. Very nice outfit.


A somewhat happy clown look, and some cute feeling, using bright green and purple, the eyes and eyebrows echo each other, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, and some of which feel like a split-mouth smile. Dots are drawn on the tip of the nose, similar to the shape of a dog's nose. The overall look is cute and cheerful. The left nose ring is made of stainless steel, which blends well into the overall outfit.

This can be rated as the best outfit, why? This wise girl has bridge, nose, snake-bite, and dimple piercings on her face. With so many punctures, how can she make a stunning outfit with simple makeup is really a very difficult thing.

She didn’t think about hiding or removing the piercing jewelry. Instead, she made full use of these piercing jewels. The piercing jewels that are commensurate with the left and right, so she made a middle line along with the bridge of the nose, she embellishes the eyes with the same elements, and the centerline is extended from the chin to the neck, till to the chest. It's really a great idea.

Angry woman, with a large red forehead like a blazing flame, Sharp black eyebrows seem to be struggling in the fire, and the mark of the moon seems to indicate a certain identity or suggest a very distinctive personality. Under the eyes is a normal facial look.

The septum ring and upper lip studs seem to tell people that this is still an ordinary person, but the contrast between the top and bottom seems to indicate that this is a person with a split personality, full of anger in the chest, and the surface is still kept normal human sanity. What meaningful makeup.

Unlike the angry woman above, this woman is extremely cold, with some indifference in her eyes, ignoring or not caring. A dark green hair resembles an elf from nature, with a special symbol on her forehead, black lips, and extended eyelashes. It seems that this is a special envoy from the Creator, watching the world in this world with cold eyes.


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Above are the Halloween makeup ideas we find for you, hope it is helpful for you and welcome your Halloween makeup ideas in the comment.



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