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Nine Questions You Care About Most About Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is a kind of love-hate piercing. Wearing a septum ring is indeed fashionable and eye-catching.

At the same time, many people have a lot of hesitation and doubts, is it safe? Need to go through the cartilage of my nose? Will it make me bleed? What kind of jewelry should I wear?

Here, we gather some often asked questions from our customers to provide some suggestions for you, hope it can be helpful.


Is septum piercing safe?

The first question you may ask is whether it is dangerous to get a septum piercing? Does septum piercing hurt?

Let’s first know what is a septum piercing? The nasal septum is the  cartilaginous dividing wall between the nostrils. Generally, the cartilage itself is not pierced, but rather the small gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose (sometimes called the "sweet spot"), typically at 14ga (1.6 mm) although it is often stretched to a larger gauge (size)(Wikipedia)

nasal cartilage

Usually, it needs a needle to do this piercing, so we know, it may have some pain, the pain can be accepted by most people.

The septum piercing is done through the skin between the nasal septum cartilage and the nose bottom, so it is not through the cartilage, it is a little painful. Maybe there is some bleed when piercing, but it is safe, not dangerous for most people.


Can Septum Piercing Cause Runny Nose?

If you only got it for a short time it may be normal. For most people, dripped for about a month after and still does once in a while. It's just because your septum is very very sensitive and with a fresh piercing, any movement to the ring can cause your nose to drip. It is kind of like your nose isn't used to having something in there, so it's a way of trying to get rid of it by dripping. but it will usually get used to it eventually.


Can Septum Piercing Cause Sinus Infection?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses. It is often caused by bacterial (germ) infection. Sometimes, viruses and fungi (molds) cause it. People with weak immune systems are more likely to develop a bacterial or fungal sinus infection. Some people with allergies can have "allergic fungal sinus infection." If you do regular cleaning as the piercer's instruction, it most perhaps you won’t get a Sinus infection.


Why Is My Septum Piercing Itchy?

If the septum piercing itchy, there are usually two reasons:

One is that the septum piercing is getting healing, during the septum piercing wound-healing process, the nerves signal the spinal cord that skin is being stimulated, the brain will perceive those signals as itchy. We all have these similar experiences, not just the piercing, for another fall down, cut by a knife, when the wound begins to heal, we will feel the would some itchy.

The other reason is that the septum piercing may be infected, if there is some red, swelling, bump, or pus, the septum piercing may be infected. If so, please pay more attention to the septum piercing cleaning.


Can Septum Piercing Close?

Will septum piercing close up is decided by two factors, one is how long has the septum piercing done. The other is how long will you remove the jewelry and won’t wear it again. Let’s make a detailed description.

If the piercing is finished for a short time, for one week, two weeks, less than three months, if it is for a short time septum piercing jewelry remove off, the piercing won’t close. But if the septum jewelry removes off for a long time(more than one month). The piercing will begin to close and shrink.  

Also, if the septum piercing has done for a long time, half a year or longer, the piercing will not close up, or just shrink for little.


How Long Septum Piercing Heal?

This depends on many factors, your physical, your aftercare, and the jewelry you use. Usually, it is about 6-15 weeks you can get a fully completed heal. Someone may get healed for 6 weeks, someone may need longer for 15 weeks. Do as the piercer’s instruction and do regular cleaning every day, do not touch the piercing, then the wound will be healed faster.


Who Can Get a Septum Piercing?

Usually, it is no limits for accepting septum piercing, for the age up to 16, do not allergic to metals, do not have the disease of bleeding when the body be hurt, if there are no above symptoms, you can accept the septum piercing. The biggest barrier is yourself, you must overcome the piercing scare, and be ready to accept the possible side-effects.


What Septum Piercing Do You Start With?

The septum jewelry usually is captive bead rings, circular barbells, seamless rings, and segment rings(septum clickers). The most common is the circular barbell and captive bead rings for the beginner.

Except the jewelry type, the most important is the material, usually, there is 316L surgical stainless steel, 14K gold, titanium. All these can be used for your daily wearing, but for the first time, I suggest the G23 titanium material, this material is lightweight and no harm to the body, can help the wound to heal.

 bee septum ring

When Can You Change Septum Piercing?

It is better to change the septum piercing after the wound gets healed, when you touch the septum jewelry, you may feel the jewelry can loosen-up enough to move, then you can change the septum jewelry.

Do not change the septum jewelry too early, for this may cause the wound to infected.


Welcome your comment of septum piercing experience,and any interested questions.

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