Is 16 too young to get nipple piercing?

Is 16 too young to get nipple piercing?

Nipple Piercings: 10 Interesting Facts!!


Nipple piercings are actually ranked second on the most painful piercings chart in 2018.


Two placement for this pairing should range in the mid section of your nipple and you are gonna want to avoid hitting that areola as much as you can because that will cause more pain and discomfort or your jewelry/piercing you are going to want to hit that midsection of your nipple obviously you have small nipples can’t really show you a proper representation but for the most part midsection good spot.


You can still breastfeed if you do have them, so all those little rumors about you can do this you can’t do that, honestly,  We asked many customers who have already purchased their nipple jewelry from us, even some was pregnant has three kids breastfeeding like nothing, so if you are worried that you can’t you can still consult a doctor and get your second opinion from them, it never hurts back.


The healing time for this piercing does generally take about six month to a year depending on how you take care of it, so don’t go switching around the jewelry your first two or three months without consulting a professional first and please during the healing portion of this no absolutely no oral contact because you will restart the healing of this piercing and it will take much longer than six months to a year. No malice.


Beware of the new flood and daily, activity a little smart just because about what you are doing day-to-day, a lot of the times I’ll be walking by like a doorway, let’s say and it’ll skim it and it hurts it is noting to be like it’s nothing to be judged lightly this piercing doesn’t when he gets hit snagged on a dam you foot, organs hit tears pulled snag whatever it hurts so just because coming soon seabelts.


You have to be 18 years and older to get this piercing, no exceptions, no whatever nothing eighteen and older, if the law. Final.


Everyone is different, so some people’s nipples actually won’t get erect when you are about to pierce them yo need it to be at least someone popped out more, so you can have something they grip onto with your plants and go through, but for the most part not everybody will actually get hard on their nipples, so it doesn’t make it a little bit more difficult and harder to see nipple form areola, so just be cautious and consult a professional before getting it done.


You can actually wear a bra. A lot of people say that you can’t , but sources say that no lace bras you can either put padding on it gauze or a banding on it to keep it from chafing. So if you do think that it might get caught on anything or might continuously keeping rubbing would refer to any one of those things.


African for cleaning this piercing we’ve gotta get a little more hands-on, as usual here lose body you notice how are get down you’re gonna want to either cut yourself. Some saline solution do they get it right. You are using the saline in the saline spray you’re going to want to spray it directly on the q-tip and just hit around the entire piece of jewelry as you can clean out all the gunk, all the crusts, all the blood whatever kind of building up you have on them move them around make sure they’re not too stiff wash it and nice easy pat dry if you are using the soap, you’re going to want to put a small  drop into a small Dixie cup fill it up with water mix it around with the q-tip and apply it as directed. Only once a day solve with the saline wash, two times with those soap one  time.


The jewelry types for this piercing are numerous and range from beautiful jewelry to dangling jewelry, the jewelry that hugs the entire nipple or to something simple as a 14 gauge three-quarter inch barbell, 14 gauge being one point six millimeters and three-quater inch being 19 millimeters. So if it yo want to get something different, refer to it either come down here to get it checked out, we have plenty of jewelry if you want to check on yourself, is the place to go.

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