Ask Me Anything: Complete Answers to Your Questions About Labret Piercing Guidelines

Ask Me Anything: Complete Answers to Your Questions About Labret Piercing Guidelines

Labret piercing, also known as lip piercing, is popular piercing style, the labret piercing is around mouth, the upper lip, bottom lip, or the side of the lip, multiple piercing positions and multiple names. 

To be more clear about the labret piercing.

What is Labret Piercing 

Healing time: 6 to 8 weeks or longer
Initial jewelry style: ring-style, disc-back labret stud, or fishtail labret
Initial jewelry gauge: 16/14/12 gauge, depending on place-ment and jewelry style. The 14 gauge is most common for labret studs.
Initial jewelry size: labret or fishtail posts from 5/16 to 7/16 inch. Ring diameters from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. To allow for swelling, rings should be one diameter larger than the size that will be worn in the healed piercing.


Labret Piercing Types

Labret Piercing


The term "labret piercing" literally means any lip piercing. But usually this term refers to any piercing on the bottom lip, but specifically a labret piercing is in the middle, just above the chin. This bottom lip piercing looks a lot like a lip piercing. 

Monroe/Madonna Piercing

monroe piercing  madonna piercing

This glamorous piercing is a beauty mark of metal worn off to one side above the upper lip. It is often embellished with a sparkling jewelry. The names clearly derive from the ladies who bear an un-pierced version near their own lips.

A Piercing Madonna is very similar to a Monroe piercing, but is placed above the upper lip on the right side of the face. Needless to say that this upper lip piercing mimics Madonna's famous beauty mark!

Monroe (or Marilyn Monroe Piercings) Labret Piercings are piercings placed above the upper lip on the left side of the face. It was named because it mimics Marilyn Monroe's famous beauty mark. Monroe piercing is usually made with a 16 gauge piercing with a flat bar. You can also wear jewelry of threadless or pushpin jewelry.

Medusa/Philtrum Piercing

medusa piercing

This style can please you if you like the central line positioning. Some alternative names for the term anatomical filter are Medusa, Divot and Upret.

This piercing is placed in the center of the natural divot (also known as infringement depression) between the mouth and the nose. It can be used in conjunction with other lip piercings. Depending on personal preferences and space available inside and out.

Vertical Labret

vertical piercing

The vertical labret is a “vertical” version of the traditional labret piercing, which allows for both ends of the jewelry to show. The look is achieved by using a curved barbell, so that one end of the piercing is under the bottom lip like the horizontal labret and the other end rests in the center on top of the bottom lip. 16 gauge is typical for vertical labret piercings. The cost of this piercings vary depending on jewelry options and shop choice.

Snake Bites Piercing

snake bite piercing

Snake bite piercings are a type of labret piercing that requires both sides of the bottom lip to be pierced, giving the impression that you have been bitten by a snake. The placement is intended to imitate where the snake teeth would be or what a snake bite would be like. The captive rings or circular hoops can be used for snake bite piercings. Snake bites can be pierced in 16 or 14 gauge, so make sure you check your size. As there are two separate piercings, the cost starts at $ 100 and varies according to the jewel you choose and the store where it is pierced.

Ashley Piercing

ashley piercing

The Ashley piercing is one of the few lip piercings that truly pierces the lip, going through the center of the bottom lip and exiting out through the back of the lip. The official name is an inverted vertical labret, but presumably either the first piercer to give this piercing or the first person to receive this piercing was named Ashley.

This piercing requires a flatback labret stud to help minimize contact with the teeth, most often in a 16 gauge. Pushpin labrets studs are another great choice. The price of an Ashley piercing is roughly $50, but it can range depending on the shop’s pricing and the jewelry selection, the healing time is between 12 and 16 weeks.

Jestrum Piercing

jestrum piercing

Similar to the vertical labret piercing, the piercing in the Jesrum involves two holes in the upper lip. One hole punctures through the philtrum, and the other punctures through the center of the upper lip. Also known as the vertical Medusa, the piercing in Jestro consists of an entry point (the groove between the base of the nose and the upper lip) and a point of exit by the upper lip itself. Prices start at $ 40, with healing time usually taking at least a few months.

Spider Bites Piercing

spider bites piercing

Spider bite piercings are two piercings on the same side on the other side of the left or right lower lip, which are close to each other, as they would do in a spider bite. Although they are more commonly pierced on the lower lip, some people occasionally choose to make them on the upper lip. As there are two separate piercings, the total price in terms of cost is $ 100+. Depending on the look you want, you can use two captive rings or two labret earrings on spider bite piercings.

Angel Bites Piercing

angel bites piercing

Angel Bites Piercings (also known as Angel Kiss Piercings) combine the Monroe and Madonna piercings as a definite combination on the upper lip, one on the other side. Labret studs and pushpin posts that are great for Piercings Angel Bites. A 16 gauge is the most common size for these. The cost of Angel Bites piercings starts around $ 100 as there are two piercings and the total cost can vary depending on the jewelry and store teams.

Smiley Piercing

smiley piercing

Smiley and Scrumber are names for a piercing in the upper frenulum that connects the center of the lip to the gum line. Most people have only a tiny web of flesh there, insufficient to support a stable piercing. Migration and rejection are obvious risks. The proximity of tooth and gum jewelry can cause irritation and erosion.

Madonna Piercing

madonna piercing

With the name of the 80's music icon, Madonna's piercing goes through the upper right side of the lip to match her famous Cutie Mark. Piercing Madonna is most commonly performed with a 16 gauge labret stud or a threadless pin. Madonna piercings start around $ 50 and may vary depending on jewelry options and store location.

Cyber Bytes Piercing

cyber bites piercing

Cyber Bites Piercing combines two piercing, the centralized piercing above the upper lip and the traditional centralized piercing below the bottom lip. This symmetrical piercing creates a straight line called cyber bites. Only one end of each piercing is visible, making it seem that the piercing really extends between the two lips. The upper cyber bite piercing should be a flat labret or threadless pin that minimizes tooth damage. Bottom piercing can also be a labret or captive ring, just make sure it is in contact with your teeth. Piercings Cyber Bites cost between $ 100 ($ 50 each) and even depending on the selected jewel and the location of the store.

Dolphin Bites

dolphin bites piercing

The dolphin bite piercings are double labret piercings that are side by side under the center of the bottom lip. A dolphin piercing is similar to spider bite piercings, except it is located at the bottom of the middle of the lip. The cost of dolphin bite piercings starts around $ 100 ($ 50 each) and varies depending on the jewel you choose and also the store you go to. The usual style is to use two labret studs, but two lip rings also work for dolphin bite piercings.

Dahlia Bites Piercing

dahlia bites piercing

Dahlia Piercings are double -sided piercings on both sides of the mouth. Sometimes confused with a piercing on the cheek or piercing in the dimple, the Dahlia piercing is found in the corner of the lips or in the mouth. To get the appearance of Dahlia, you need to pierce both sides of your mouth. Dahlia piercings have a long healing process (from six months to one year) and range from $ 20 to $ 80.
Piercing Dahlia Bites has been inspired by a very dark story, but the look is truly unique. Adapted from Elizabeth Short of the infamous Black Dahlia Murder, the Dahlia Bites are two piercings, one on each side of the corner of the mouth, which lengthen the smile. (Sometimes it is also called the Joker piercing!) Dahlia bites use two 16 or 14 gauge labret studs.

Canine Bites Piercing

canine bites piercing

Canine Bites Piercings are four piercings in total! Two on the outer edges of the upper lip and two on the outer edges of the bottom lip (angel bites + snake bites = dog bites). lining up to where the canine teeth would show against the mouth. Flatback labret studs as well as threadless pushpin posts in either 14 gauge or 16 gauge are the best choices for Canine bite piercings. The cost of Canine bite piercings can be quite high, given the cost of piercing multiplied by 4 and influenced by jewelry options, but they probably start around $ 100 to $ 150.

Shark Bites Piercing

shark bites piercing

Shark bites piercings are a total of four piercings along the bottom lip, but with two grouped left and two grouped right. The 16 gauge size is recommended, but the 14 gauge may also work. Different types of jewelry can be worn on shark bites piercings, depending on the look you want. Four labret studs are a common choice. Or you can mix and match as you want and use a labret piercing in a piercing on each side and a captive ring or circular bar on the other. Shark bites piercings can start by about $ 200 ($ 50 for each piercing), but the total cost may vary according to jewelry options and store location.

Labret Jewelry Styles

A labret stud

Labret stud is a short barbell with a slim disc that is worn inside the mouth. A ball, gem, spike, or other ornament shows on the facial surface. Some piercees prefer a slightly more domed backing design. these backings are generally safer and more comfortable than a ball.
The length of the post is anatomy-dependent, and a good fit is imperative. The lip tissue is so soft and quick to regenerate that there is danger of the jewelry becoming embedded if it is too short. Once your piercing has fully healed and a shorter post has been inserted, you may see the disc nesting(sinking a millimeter or two into the inside surface of your lip). if you have no discomfort, this indentation is acceptable, and it may help to protect your teeth and gums by keeping the disc from directly pressing against them.

The Fishtail

This is an L-shaped piece of metal with a ball or other ornament on the front. It is formed so the shorter leg of the L passes through your piercing, and the longer tail rests in the groove between your gum and lip. The fishtail is designed for bottom lip piercings, and if worn in the upper lip, the tail would hang down.

The Ring

Rings work best on labret piercings that are placed close to the vermillion border. If you have a full lip or your piercing is located far from its edge, the ring will need to be overly large. A set of lip piercings off to each side may be referred to as snakebites or venoms.
If you want to wear a ring to hug your lip, a tight fit must wait until after healing. A larger diameter ring must be worn to accommodate initial swelling.

The C-Ring or U-Ring

A custom-bent C-ring or U-ring is a safe and comfortable alternative for many piercees who wear labrets. This is a small-diameter circular barbell that is widened so that it is C-shaped (or U-shaped, depending anatomy) rather than round. This will conform to your lip and help to avoid jewelry contact with your teeth or gums. There is a wide range of fit possibilities based on the way it is bent to accommodate individual anatomy. Sometimes an asymmetrical bend is used. This style may satisfy you if you like the look of a vertical lip (surface ) piercing but don’t want to face its risks of scarring and migration. The jewelry can give you the same appearance( one ball on top of your lip and the other right beneath it), but with the versatility of a traditional labret.

It sometimes takes a few attempts with different styles and sizes of jewelry to determine what works best for your labret piercing. The mouth is a dynamic area that moves and changes shape considerably when you speak, smile, and eat. No wonder comfortably accommodating a static piece of metal there is so challenging.

Labret Piercing Aftercare

Don’t open your mouth too wide when you wear a labret stud because the disc on the inside can catch on your teeth.

Men may shave as normally as possible, given the obstacle of the jewelry. Avoid getting aftershave, especially alcohol-based products, into your healing piercing.

Wearing lipstick or lip balm is fine, but keep the container clean and don’t share it. The type you apply from a tube is safer than the kind you put on with your finger.

Plaque can accumulate on the part of labret jewelry that is inside your mouth, especially at the juncture of the disc and the post. It is difficult to access and scrub this area with a toothbrush, but dental floss can help to keep it clean.

The facial surface of labret piercings has a tendency to discolor, usually pinkish or reddish, and to crust up throughout the healing period. Frequent mild saline soaks can be helpful.

If you experience soreness inside your mouth as you adjust to the jewelry, dental or orthodontic wax can be applied inside to soften the impact. This harmless wax is inexpensive and can be obtained at drugstores.

Problems are generally resolved by wearing smaller or shorter jewelry, once healing is complete.

If pressure on your teeth or irritation to your gums persists regardless of the jewelry size and style, the piercing will need to be abandoned.

Labret Piercing Stretch

Historically, labret piercings are among those most commonly stretched, and modern piercees wear impressive sizes. Do not stretch lip piercings beyond 10 gauge without due consideration.

The tissue is relatively elastic, but the risks increase with the jewelry size. Larger and heavier adornments against teeth and gums compound oral health hazards.

Depending on how big you enlarge, your hole might not shrink enough to prevent saliva from leaking if you abandon the hole. In fact, some individuals with large-gauge lip piercings experience saliva leakage while eating, even with their jewelry in place.

Do Labret Piercings Close

If you take out your jewelry, a small divot or spot that looks like an enlarged pore usually remains if healing was uneventful and the piercing was not stretched. If the piercing was placed under the curl of your lip, the natural crease might obscure the mark.

If tissue was expanded to a large gauge or stretched too quickly, a permanent void will likely remain, and it can be unsightly; surgery may be the only way to restore a normal appearance. Permanent damage to the lower front teeth or nearby gums is common with extreme lip enlargement.

Labret piercing is so popular among people, once you decided to get one or has confusion about labret piercing, maybe you can leave a comment and get response from us or customers.

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