Can I travel with my body jewels?

Can I travel with my body jewels?

Nowadays people are more and more fond of traveling. They may go out to play on holidays or go to other places to see their friends. There are also many people who need to go to other places for work reasons. For the body jewelers, airport inspections may be a problem. They like to wear their favorite punctures at any time, which may encounter airport security checks and metal detectors.

Many piercees are concerned that their piercing(s) will set off a metal detector in an airport or other venue. Precautions have intensified markedly since the events of September 11, especially in airports. Security personnel will react differently to the presence of piercings, and so will the metal detectors.

Many heavily pierced people will tell you in all honesty that they have traveled extensively without so much as a single beep. Other stories circulate regarding piercees enduring strip searches or being required to remove body jewelry before boarding a plane.

When your travel companions are unaware of your penchant for piercing, you may be concerned about an unplanned disclosure during the security screening. If revealing your piercings during travel is unacceptable, wear nonmetallic jewelry. Quality metal body jewelry is non-ferromagnetic and will not set off the large walk-through metal detectors. However, the hand-held wands are often more sensitive and frequently do sound an alarm when scanning directly over metal body jewelry.

This is precisely what happened to a woman who was required to remove a nipple ring with pliers in order to be permitted by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to board her plane. This sparked a lawsuit and a change in policy by the TSA. As of March 2008, a passenger has the option to request a visual inspection in lieu of removing body jewelry.

Depending on the location of your piercing, you may be examined in a private room by a security officer of your own gender. If you wish to take your trip, it is best to be calm and cooperative. Don’t wear or carry long spike-style jewelry during travel, as these are sometimes construed as weapons and confiscated. Spikes aside, you should not be compelled to remove body jewelry, since it is not a security threat.

It is best to tell your travel companions about your piercings. This will get rid of unnecessary trouble or awkwardness if you suddenly need to disclose your piercings during the security screenings.

If you don't want to reveal your piercings for a specific reason or don't want to create any trouble or stress for anyone, opt for nonmetallic jewelry for the moment. Take note that fine metal body jewelry should be non-ferromagnetic. It should spare you setting off the metal detectors once you walk through.

Choose the right body jewelry and you will have a comfortable and enjoyable travel process.

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