Care Instruction

Care Instruction

Here are some information about how to take care for your body piercing jewelry.

Simply wash with warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap and dry completely.

We recommend removing the body piercing jewelry during swimming, washing and so on, especially in the swimming pools, as chlorine may damage the surgical steel.


Please note that Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated body piercing Jewelry should be worn with extra care to ensure their longevity.

Remove your body piercing jewelry when doing exercise, swimming, or showering as any substances like water, oil, chlorine, perfume, and sweat may react and will cause it to tarnish easily.

Avoid to use plated body piercing jewelry while your piercing is fresh and is currently in the healing process.

We recommend you using the included microfiber cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired after single use. 

Cubic Zirconia

Please be careful when you handle the stone body piercing jewelry as it may chip or break once its dropped. Once it chips, even at the slightest crack, it may become irritating to wear the jewelry.

You may use our included microfiber cloths to clean away the dirt after daily use. We recommend you occasionally clean the zircon with a mild soap and a warm water.

If yu have any other questions regarding the care instructions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you!

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