11 Things You Should Know About Daith Piercing In 2021

11 Things You Should Know About Daith Piercing In 2021

Daith piercing is one type of cartilage piercing, when wearing a daith hoop ring, it looks like a small copy of the ear, very cute and lovely, so it is very popular among people.

Also, there are always huge of new daith piercing beginners each year who want to know more about daith piercing.

Here, we collected 11 questions mostly asked.

There are theory and operation, words, images, and videos to bring you the most detailed and operated answers.


What is daith piercing?

A daith piercing is one type of ear piercing, this piercing rests deep in the shell of the ear at the root of the helix crus( the ridge of cartilage just above the ear canal that fades down into the conch).

Most ears are configured with a pierceable crest at this location. It is a subtle but attractive piercing because of its concentric appearance; the jewelry frames the tissue and, in turn, the ear frames the jewelry.

When placed properly, the lower part of the ring seems to come directly out of the ear canal.

oufer daith piercing

Who can get a daith piercing?

Daith piercing is part of the body puncture, the body is in line with the basic conditions of the puncture, such as adults (minors should comply with local laws and obtain parents' consent), doing a good job in facing the puncture ( No longer afraid of puncture needles) and physical preparation (physical health, not allergic to metal, etc.), in addition to, long-term care wounds after a puncture.

In addition to these, it is necessary to let the piercer look at the size of the daith site. If daith is too small, it will not be punctured.


How daith piercing is done

The best way to be not afraid of a matter is to know it and become familiar with it. What is daith puncture do? Let's see what the piercer said

"The daith is tricky to perform due to its almost internal placement. I use an angled receiving tube. A short or bent tube may be needed to fit in the limited space. Some piercers use a curved needle to pierce this area. Hemostats are helpful to handle the jewelry for insertion and closure." 

After knowing the piercing through, I guess when you really behind the piercer and touch the piercing tools, you will much relaxing.

 oufer body jewelry daith piercing

The cost of a daith piercing

The cost of daith piercing is different, due to the different cities, the studio position, and scale, also the piercer is certified/experienced or not.  The cost varies from $30-$80.

 No matter what the price is selected, there must be two points.

The first to observe the sanitary conditions of the puncture studio, the room is clean, and the equipment is complete and neatly arranged.

The second must check if the piercer has a professional certificate, and the piercing experience is at least one year so that there can avoid some troubles. 

Prices for piercing vary depending on the difficulty of the placement, experience of the piercer, jewelry material, and style, store policies, and customary fees in your geographic area.

The cost of the piercing, jewelry, and aftercare products all factor into the total expense.

The fee may be a package deal that includes piercing and basic jewelry and sometimes an aftercare product, too.

Studios that offer a wide assortment of jewelry often use a separate price structure for the piercing fee and jewelry because different styles and materials vary in cost.


What daith piercing jewelry can I choose

There is so much daith piercing jewelry on the market, I am worried that you will not make any decision.

Usually, there are two types, the circular hoop ring and curved barbell.

The circular hoop ring can have a round ring, heart shape,pentagon, and horseshoe circular barbell.

For a better opening and closing, the hinged segment hoop ring, the two ends circular barbell, and screw ring will be good choices.

From sizes, the thickness of the barbell is usually at 16 g (1.2 mm), and the circular inner diameter is 8mm-10mm(for accurate size, please consult the piercer when do piercing).

The curved barbell is rare, most of which are circular barbells.

There is usually stainless steel, titanium, and gold material. Stainless steel jewelry is most commonly, be suited for most people.  



If you wish to purchase jewelry from another source or bring in your own previously worn jewelry, you will need to have the piercer's approval prior to your appointment.

Many studios have rules against using so-called "outside" jewelry for initial piercings; this is a reasonable policy that helps them maintain quality control.


Daith piercing pain level

Below is a general comparison of pain levels according to feedback from approximately 40,000 piercees.

body piercing pain scale

These describe relative intensity as perceived by the majority piercees.

Due to varying sensitivity levels and perceptions of pain, however, there are many exceptions and differences of opinion.

The daith piercing is a moderate level, can be accepted by most ones.


How long does a daith piercing take to heal

The daith can be easy ear cartilage piercing to heal because it is protected by the surrounding anatomy.

It takes about 3-8 months for daith piercing to heal.

Here in Oufer, we want to explain more about the wound healing stage, so you may have a deep knowledge of piercing healing.


Why does my daith piercing hurt?

After the description of the wound healing stage, I guess you may get the answer yourself.

Yes, it is a normal situation for daith piercing as well as for body piercing.

For the needle to pierce through our skin and break off the cell, the tissue, we feel the hurt.

This is the normal response of our body. Especially the first few days after piercing.

If you feel it it so difficult to deal with, you can get an ice pack to do some release.


Why is my daith piercing bleeding

When we do a piercing, the needle sometimes needs to through the blood vessel to form the blood clot and bleeding.

Bleeding may continue-usually intermittently-for a few days. Heavy blood flow or bleeding that continues for longer than a few days may be cause for concerns, and you should contact your piercer or a physician.  


How to change a daith piercing?

After the daith piercing wound is totally healed, you can change your first jewelry. You can go to the piercer for help or do it yourself.

I will provide a guide for changing the initial bead circular barbell.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself: swap out your jewelry after a shower when your skin is clean and the tissue is looser. Your hands must be clean and dry.

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Area: if you are near a sink, plug it carefully. Many pieces of small body jewelry have been lost down a drain.  

Step 3: Prepare the Right Jewelry: the clean jewelry, the right size, for long-time thinking, the easy open and close segment hoop daith ring is a better choice.

Step 4: Open the Jewelry: open the bead circular ring, or clicker of jewelry, or unscrew the threaded end of a bar daith jewelry, remove off carefully from the piercing part.

Step 5: Put on the New Jewelry: put the new one through the piercing hole slowly to finish, and fasten your new jewelry.

Step 6: Wash Up: clean your worn jewelry and insertion tapers with soap and water and dry well with clean paper towels. Store the items in clean zip-top bags or another hygienic location, keeping jewelry made of different metals in separate containers to avoid scratches.


Aftercare of daith piercing

Safe and appropriate piercing aftercare is good for wound healing, they can be as the following:

 Upholding Hygiene

Hygiene involves keeping your piercing and your environment clean;

Do not touch your piercing with dirty hands;

Change your bedding and towels at least once a week;

Do not allow personal care products such as sprays and lotions to get into your piercing;

Be aware of your piercing as a vulnerable open wound, and assess your environment and lifestyle for threats to the cleanliness of your piercing.

 Maintaining Good Health Habits

Get plenty of rest;

Eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods, including complex carbohydrates, plenty of protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables plus healthy fats such as nuts;

Drink lots of water every day;

Don't ingest excessive alcohol or caffeine, and don't use recreational drugs;

Don't smoke!

Avoiding Trauma

The temptation to play with your new jewelry can be almost overwhelming but you must resist in order to both avoid trauma and maintain good hygiene;

Wear jewelry of the proper size and style to minimize friction;

Do not handle your piercing roughly during cleaning;

You may have to modify the position you sleep in to reduce pressure against your piercing. You also may need to adjust the way you rest your head on the pillow if you have a healing ear or facial piercing;

Take care not to bump or catch your piercing when donning hats, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and so on.

Cleaning Your Piercing

It is imperative that whatever you use to clean your piercing helps more than it harms;

You can use the saline to clean the piercing once or twice one day;

Also, you can try the soap for cleaning, but for one thing that any product you select to use should be fragrance and dye-free, as well as low-PH or PH balanced. Otherwise, the soap water will irritate your piercing and your skin.


Go with your daith piercing now to get your ear more charming!


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I didn’t think it hurt


This would be .y 1st time getting g a daith piercing . Would you recommend this for me? Does it really hurt? Also how much for you to get your belly button piercing?

Suzanne Timbrook

This would be .y 1st time getting g a daith piercing . Would you recommend this for me? Does it really hurt? Also how much for you to get your belly button piercing?

Suzanne Timbrook

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