Which Materials Suit for Your Ear Stretcher?

Which Materials Suit for Your Ear Stretcher?

May you are a piercer or a piercing fans. May the different materials confused you a lot .
Let’s show your the different material ,so that you can make a quick decision when you shop .

Stainless Stell:

Steel is a smooth, non-porous, easy to clean material considered by most to be an excellent choice for fresh ear stretches. This is especially true when it comes to tapers. Steel may not be the first material that springs to mind when you think about aesthetically pleasing jewelry, but you might be surprised by some of the great steel ear jewelry that is available.


Titanium is another choice that is widely considered to be one of the best for ear stretching and for fresh stretches. While similar in feel and appearance to steel, Titanium is lighter and often a better choice for those with sensitive skin. People who sometimes have problems with irritation when wearing steel ear jewelry may prefer Titanium. Also, Titanium offers another advantage in terms of aesthetics in that it can be anodized in a number of different colors.


Silicone is a super comfortable, great looking choice for healed piercings. Most silicone plugs are made from implant grade materials so it is very rare that even a person with sensitive skin will have any reaction to wearing them. The only downside to silicone is that it is a somewhat tacky material that does attract dirt rather quickly. However, regular cleaning with soap and water is all that it really takes to solve this relatively minor issue.


Acrylic plugs are a popular and inexpensive choice for fully healed piercings. Occasionally, people report some sensitivity to acrylic after wearing plugs for long periods of time, but most people do not have any problems.


In terms of looks and originality ear jewelry made from organic materials are some of the most attractive you can find. Organics can include different kinds of wood, natural stone, gem stones, glass and crystal.
(Tips: Stone ear plug is most popular in summer!)

All of these ear jewelry materials are excellent choices for most people and the advantage of shopping at Oufer is that as our prices are so affordable you can try out all kinds of great looks without breaking the bank!
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