Oufer Body Jewelry Official Statement

Dear customers,

 Thank you for your long-term trust and support to S&L FOREVER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

OUFER BODY JEWELRY® is our self-owned brand registered with the United States and the European Union trademark administration authority in 2020. We are the legal owner of OUFER BODY JEWELRY® and the sole official website of the brand is https://www.ouferbodyjewelry.com.

Unfortunately, fake and counterfeited products have been found on the market in recent years. Even worse, some sellers plagiarized our website and products covering from the domain name to products, captions, pictures and description, and sell fake and shoddy products by intentionally causing confusion among customers, which not only harms our brand and business reputation but also causes poor user experience.

 Therefore, we hereby make the following solemn statements:

  1. We have never authorized any other market entities (including enterprises, individually-owned business and individuals, etc.) to manufacture or sell the products with the trademark of OUFER BODY JEWELRY®.

  2.The sole official website of the brand is: https://www.ouferbodyjewelry.com.

  3.You may report any counterfeited products with the trademark of OUFER BODY JEWELRY®directly to us, using our Official number for +1 (702) 799-9871or email us: support@ouferbodyjewelry.com

  4.We will not tolerate but report fake and counterfeited products to relevant authorities. Offenders will be held accountable for their civil liabilities, administrative liabilities and even criminal liabilities, and be subject to severe punishment.

Please pay attention to identifying the genuineness when purchasing relevant products of OUFER BODY JEWELRY® , and should beware of imitations!



                                               S&L FOREVER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD

                                                                     September 16, 2022