At OUFER, we sincerely believe that the right piece of jewelry can deliver not only beauty but also confidence and purity. We are passionate about exploring piercing jewelry with the purest of hearts for everyone, bringing them wellness and confidence as they pursue whatever makes them happy.

Our mission is to make diverse and high-quality body jewelry more accessible and relatable for all. We excel in providing body piercing jewelry with dependability, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for our customers. We aim to instill a sense of safety and comfort in our customers, making self-expression simple and accessible to all. This leaves them with feelings of safety and comfort, making it simple for everyone to express themselves.

Oufer is where you can easily find the right piercing jewelry.


Our vision at Oufer is to believe that the right jewelry delivers beauty, confidence, purity, and wellness.

Our designs draw inspiration from everything that surrounds us, from household items to animals, fruits, and nature. We hope to encourage people to find inspiration here and "Define Your Looks." Our collections are suitable for wear from day to night.

Our pieces are created from Stainless Steel,9KT Gold, 14KT Gold, Titanium, Silicone, gemstones, pearls etc, that are sourced internationally and cut to our own specifications. Each piece you see is thought out, virtually designed on the soft copy by our Design Team, and then adjusted to what works. Once the final design is reached, it's then sent to our craftsmen who diligently reproduce what has been handed to them, and also hand it to Quality Control for inspection before being packed in very secured packages which prevent the Jewelry from any damage.

Now that you're here, take a look around, definitely will find something specifically tailored for you.


Oufer is not only dedicated to brand development but also committed to making a positive impact on the world.

With the growing concern over the global greenhouse effect, carbon emissions control has become increasingly critical. OUFER takes an active role in improving our product packaging and strives to strike a balance between safe transportation and environmental protection. We are increasing the use of environmentally friendly biodegradable paper packaging while reducing the use of plastic materials in our packaging.

OUFER will continue to make efforts in the sustainable development of the environment.